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Our Philosophy

  • Quality is dakini's key point of differentiation. We constantly strive to work with the best of the best.
  • We believe in sustainable business practices, using FSC certified paper and printers and offsetting the carbon produced in the creation of its media
  • The business is comprised of a tightly-knit unit of employees all of whom are involved in the creative, marketing and selling processes.
  • Working closely with partners and clients dakini endeavours to publish THE definitive book on a subject with a specific audience in mind.

About Lucky

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Lucky founded dakini in 2002 after 17 years working in a variety of media and corporate sectors. Her newspaper and magazine experience includes time at The Daily Telegraph and Sky TV (NewsCorporation sponsored her MBA). She went on to become CEO of two TV channels in Sri Lanka and worked in board positions on a number of Internet ventures.

Applying her principal strengths in the fields of strategy, sales and marketing she has developed dakini as an innovative and vibrant business in a very traditional industry.

Most recently she has established FutureEnergy, which has a mission to develop and commercialise renewable energy in Sri Lanka.

Lucky enjoys lecturing on publishing and entrepreneurship. Contact dakini to invite her to an event.

Future Energy Sales Trailer from Jonathan Richards on Vimeo.

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