Ground Rules

Ground Rules - £50 (Regular Edition)

Ground Rules - £400 (VIP Edition signed by Steve Waugh)

Ground Rules is a comprehensive and stunningly illustrated history of Test Cricket. It provides the complete story of the sport since its birth in 1877, through the eyes of cricket legends at the heart of the game and from the perspective of the world's leading Test Match grounds.

With over 200 photographs and (at time of print) a complete set of scorecards for every Test Match played at the ten featured grounds, Ground Rules provides a fascinating and colourful account of the players, matches and stories that have shaped the history of cricket at each ground. Each chapter is written by an eminent cricket writer or world-class player, giving a unique and informed personal perspective of the key events that have shaped the game. Contributors include Kumar Sangakkara, Andy Flower, Sourav Ganguly and Steve Waugh, with a foreword by David Gowar.

With just 175 of these limited run copies still in stock, don't miss this very special opportunity to own this intimate and authoritative history of an enduringly popular and internationally loved sport.

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