The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games - £400 (Limited, VIP Edition)

Published in partnership with the International Olympic Committee, the book is a unique collaboration of 450 breathtaking images - many independently sourced by dakini from the IOC archives in Lausanne - and 400 accompanying stories, written by acclaimed sports journalists Andrew Longmore and Neil Morton. Beautifully woven together these insights showcase the outstanding human achievements that the Games have inspired for over 110 years, while the captions tell stories of the elation and disappointment, joy and despair, triumph and struggle that generations of contestants have experienced.

The Olympic Games resonates with every person who has ever aspired - at whatever level - to (sporting) success as it reflects the pains and rewards that come from pushing oneself to the extreme.

The distinctive 'brick format' edition covered in Chinese silk, won the Prix du Livre Sportif Illustre at the Sportel Awards in Monaco 2008.

There are still a small number of copies for corporate and retail sale. Please contact dakini for more details.

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