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The world is a dangerous place for a baby tiger. Poachers, predators and ever-shrinking forests mean that few cubs live to adulthood. It takes a very special kind of female to raise a family in times like these.

Tigers tells the remarkable story of a lone tigress, a formidable huntress and fiercely protective mother, as she struggles to survive and to raise her four cubs in the wild. We follow the adorable, heartbreakingly vulnerable foursome from just ten days old, as they get themselves in and out of trouble, grow and explore the forest, learn to hunt and to fight their own battles and, finally, leave home to start families of their own.

Written by acclaimed wildlife journalist Carol Kaufmann, Tigers' poignant story of survival, motherhood, growing up and letting go is interweaved with spectacular photography, taken by the award-winning John Downer Productions - whose pioneering filming techniques captured what has been called 'the most intimate portrait of tigers ever seen'.

Copies of the book are available exclusively to pre-order. 30% of the RRP will be donated to carefully-selected tiger charities, helping to save wild tigers from extinction.

For more information about dakini's not-for-profit Tiger Campaign, visit www.tigercampaign.com

N.B. This book is currently in production. Page layout and images may change.