Spanish Castle to White Night

Spanish Castle to White Night

£195 (Limited, VIP Edition)

Eighty eight men left from the ramparts of Alicante's Castle of Santa Barbara, but only 23 would journey the full 37,000 miles to finish in the White Nights of St Petersburg. Japan's Black Tide, the Southern Ocean and even the credit crunch all took their toll.

Completing the Volvo Ocean Race is a supreme human achievement, the handful of men who do take themselves through every possible emotion. This book tells the human story and intertwines it with the raw elements of nature and the extraordinary technology on which the sailors' survival depends.

Stunning images accompany the text, taken by the professional team of photographers. They include Rick Tomlinson, whose work has been featured in countless world class publications, and Rick Deppe, a cameraman for the Emmy Award nominated documentary Deadliest Catch.

The author, Mark Chisnell, brings unique experience to this story, having mixed writing with professional sailing for over 20 years.

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