Video / Audio

BBC World Service

Paul Brown, the author of Global Warning: Last Chance for Change, was interviewed about the book and the subject of Global Warning.

Radio 4

The President of the Maldives was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about the subject of climate change.

Sky News

Sky News interviewed the President of the Maldives, including a reading from the book Global Warning: Last Chance for Change


Printed Press

Finacial Times

Speed Addicts: Grand Prix Racing was featured on the front page of the FT for 9 days.

The Guardian

Global Warning's content appeared in the Guardian on several occasions, along with several promotions and editorial by Paul Brown.

The Syney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald featured content from Ground Rules on the front page, with a three-page exclusive tribute to Steve Waugh.

La Gazzeta de la Sport

A spliced edition of Speed Addicts was advertised in the paper and drove newspaper sales and subscriptions.

The Hindustan Times

The Hindustan Times provided free advertising space for Ground Rules: A Celebration of Test Cricket, and created and hosted a microsite using content from the book. pictures, excerpts, and sound bytes from cricketers on their reaction to the book.

Evening Standard

Great Spa Escapes featured in the paper with an accompanying image from the book.